Monday, August 25, 2014

Proposed challenge for Grimes and the Malala Fund

I just read the article on how Grimes denied doing ice bucket challenge for various reasons.  However she did honor the premise behind it, to give money to a cause and make a difference.

As ALS now has over 60 Million in donations maybe its time to switch gears and focus on another valuable charity to donate to.  Grimes suggested MalalaFund which is in line with our vision of A Days Work Deserves A Days Pay.  Education is more important than wages in that is empowers you to do more things.  Money may feed you, clothe you, but education fulfills you, guides you, allows you to grow and the economy of the nation to grow.

Here is my challenge:

Grimes since you were the first, I say place an autographed item up for auction on eBay much like Alice Cooper did with proceeds going to Malalal Fund.  Then challenge a couple other famous people to do the same.  This would create a flood of support for a worthwhile charity like MalalaFund

Are you up for the challenge Grimes?

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