Thursday, August 21, 2014

Local Outsource Agencies taking initiative themselves to help their community

I recently connected with Sagar Solanki on LinkedIn and asked a few questions about their new startup, if they give back to the community.
Yes, we do certain activities to help poor children. We provide study materials in a school for number of students. Gradually we would increase the help to them as we grow. 
It is things like this that make a difference and these are the types of outsource companies we need to support and help grow so they can help their communities grow.  If you are looking for Microsoft related or iPhone/iPad development please reach out to Sagar Solanki and support a company giving back to their community.  Here is their website:

Although this makes a big difference, it is the company doing the outsourcing that is gaining the most and we would love to hear how some of these companies give back.

If you have any stories about companies are giving back to the communities they outsource to or outsourced companies giving back to their own communities email me at and we will post an article.

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